January 30, 2011

DIY No. 05 - Pillows


Today I checked off one of my New Year's resolutions and learned how to sew!  (Thanks for the lesson g'ma!)  Yes, these pillows were a very very basic sewing project, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!  While in the O.C., I picked up this fabric from the $3 bin (score!) and had a hunch it would go perfectly with our flor!

More sewing adventures to come I'm certain....

DIY No. 04 - Puppy Poinsettias

I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to share a little doggie-DIY project I did for Christmas...

Fact, when my extended family gets together for holidays, we are out numbered by dogs.  This year I took inspiration from pup's christmas collar and made all the dogs felt poinsettias that attach to their collars with a little elastic band.  The felt is super soft and didn't seem to bother them one bit (unlike the jingle bell collars some of the dogs where shamed to wear last year, very unfortunate).  The packaging was super easy - a ziplock bag with a 2" strip of scrap book paper folded to conceal the opening, hole punched and tied with twine.  easy, cheap, and super adorable.  Great way to get the dogs "dressed" for the holidays!  Leave a comment or email me if you would like the template I created to make these.

p.s.  Lots of possibilities to take this idea into other seasons... what about a sunflower or daisies for that 4th of july party this summer?

January 24, 2011

create: desk makeover

I've been looking to give my desk at the office an overhaul for some time now.  So far, these are the items that have made my cut list....

Clockwise from top left:
- Plywood Business card holder by Andrew's Reclaimed
- 2011 Wall Calendar by The Muststash
- Reusable Ceramic Mug by Cost Plus World Market
- Nike Women's Marathon logo
- Keep Calm and Carry On post card by Poster Plus (definitely applies those crazy days at work)
- The End Bookend by CB2
- Tear Drop by Succulent Love
- Circuit Office Accessories by CB2
- Photo of the best pup ever by me

January 16, 2011

covet: concrete planter

 tiny obleeek by obleeek

 the DIY version by re-nest

i've been wanting to spruce up my desk at work with some succulents but can't for the life of me find a pot/planter i like.  if i were rich, i would totally get an tiny obleeek, but i'm not... so I might have to conjure up a DIY project like this.

January 13, 2011

coming soon: valentines for him

from you.  to him.  perfect.

ok, so if your guy is like mine, he's not into froo-froo valentines.... which is why i will also be posting some nice understated cards that he won't be embarrassed to open at work.  

coming soon: DIY valentines

Even though my test is right around the corner and I have been willing myself to do nothing but study, I picked up some cute fabric swatches (on sale!) during my break today.  Valentines here we come!... err, after my test, I mean.  Stay tuned!