November 22, 2010

DIY No. 01 - Christmas Dog Collars

The Holidays are just around the corner and every pup should feel festive!  This is a q&e (quick & easy) craft that took me less than an hour ... including the walk to and from the fabric store!  enjoy! -k

Let's get started....

What You'll Need:  (clockwise from the top left)
- scissors
- circle template (or something circular to trace - cups, coins, etc)
- felt (you can find colored squares of it in a fabric store for about 20 cents each)
- dog collar (from the pet store, or make your own!)
- buttons
- pen
- thread
- needle

Off The Shelf Cost:  $18
My Cost: $8 (darn $7 dog collar!)

Time to Craft!.... 

1.  Cut out felt circles of various sizes.  Snip "V" shapes around the edge with scissors to create petal shapes.  Also cut out leaf shapes.
tip:  for the leaf, make the end that will show pointy and leave the other end square so there is more surface area to sew

2.  Layer your felt shapes and place on dog collar.  Cut 4 pieces of thread and thread them all through the needle (this creates a stronger stitch).  Tie a knot at the end of the thread.  Sew on the flower starting from the back of the collar.
tip:  you can also sew the flower to a loop of elastic if you don't want it permanently attached to the collar.  simply slip the collar through the elastic loop.

3.  Repeat with different sized flowers, leaves or other shapes until top-cuteness is achieved.

4.  Add dog.

{{{visions of sugar plums....}}}

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