June 27, 2011

create: pendant lamps

 pendant lamps via crafty nest

my next project.  hemp string, tacky glue and a 59 cent drugstore bouncy ball.  ...and maybe some white spray paint.

June 25, 2011

bright idea: centerpiece/favor/placecard

"bottle service" by martha stewart weddings

so i have this idea that stemmed from a wedding with jonathan adler bud vase favors and martha stewart's "bottle service" idea.  what if you collected a bunch of random jars and vases, painted them white and filled each with a flower.  Then you could use the bright idea of a chalkboard sticker to label each vase with a guest name and table number.  Guests would pick up their "favor" and go to their table, which would be sans-center piece.  Once everyone is at the table, they group their flower/vase favors in the middle to form the centerpiece.

p.s. specialty bottles carries all sorts of jars and bottles for around 60 cents each

Talk about killing a lot of birds with one stone!  Sounds genius to me.

create: save the date scratchers

 diy save the date scratchers by martha stewart weddings.

oh martha, you've done it again.  love this playful save-the-date and including a new shiny penny for the scratcher is the icing on the cake.

bright idea: chalkboard stickers

Just discovered that Michaels sells self-adhesive chalkboard sheets ($1.99 for 3 letter sized sheets).  Cut shapes out of them and apply to whatever you would like.  So many different uses for these!  Spice jars, stemless wine glasses, maybe even as labels for names/table number on your wedding favors.  My wheels are spinning....

June 23, 2011

create: bakers twine.

baker's twine by the twinery
also check out the divine twine at whisker graphics.

and helloooo colorful bakers twine!  loving the purple.

May 19, 2011

create: cork mat

cork bath mat - DIY steps on Curbly

Like.  :-)

May 18, 2011

create: embossing

Craft Tool Tutorial: Embossing Gun from Jenny Batt on Vimeo.

sweet!  i'm totally trying this out!