November 28, 2010

create: christmas cards

2010 christmas card by k:creates

christmas cards arrived in the mail today and they turned out great!  i designed this card in record time and am quite happy with the simplicity of the graphics and text - feels fresh!  it will definitely stand out amongst all those generic boxed set hallmark cards....mission accomplished!

November 26, 2010

i heart etsy - cornell wall clock

kinda like you're in a labyrinth, huh?  i dig it.

November 25, 2010

bright idea: paper stitched place cards

paper stitched place cards by brett bara

this bright idea comes directly from one of my favorite blogs, design sponge.  i love combining different textures and this little q&e craft is right up my alley.  this just might inspire me to pull out my 2-years-old-and-still-in-the-box sewing machine and learn how to use it!

November 23, 2010

bright idea: pie in a jar

pear & raspberry mason jar pie by bleubirdvintage

best. mason. jar. gift. EVER!  check out the step by step, it will make your mouth water!

November 22, 2010

DIY No. 01 - Christmas Dog Collars

The Holidays are just around the corner and every pup should feel festive!  This is a q&e (quick & easy) craft that took me less than an hour ... including the walk to and from the fabric store!  enjoy! -k

Let's get started....

What You'll Need:  (clockwise from the top left)
- scissors
- circle template (or something circular to trace - cups, coins, etc)
- felt (you can find colored squares of it in a fabric store for about 20 cents each)
- dog collar (from the pet store, or make your own!)
- buttons
- pen
- thread
- needle

Off The Shelf Cost:  $18
My Cost: $8 (darn $7 dog collar!)

Time to Craft!.... 

1.  Cut out felt circles of various sizes.  Snip "V" shapes around the edge with scissors to create petal shapes.  Also cut out leaf shapes.
tip:  for the leaf, make the end that will show pointy and leave the other end square so there is more surface area to sew

2.  Layer your felt shapes and place on dog collar.  Cut 4 pieces of thread and thread them all through the needle (this creates a stronger stitch).  Tie a knot at the end of the thread.  Sew on the flower starting from the back of the collar.
tip:  you can also sew the flower to a loop of elastic if you don't want it permanently attached to the collar.  simply slip the collar through the elastic loop.

3.  Repeat with different sized flowers, leaves or other shapes until top-cuteness is achieved.

4.  Add dog.

{{{visions of sugar plums....}}}

November 21, 2010

bright idea: cozy stones

crochet covered stones by knitalatte 
(discovered via d*lsh blog)
very delicate crochet meet solid rock.   love the contrast of the warm cotton yarn with the cool blue/gray stone. if only knitalatte would sell the rocks and not just photos of them...

bright idea: papercuts

via d*lsh blog

maybe in my DIY dreams, but I think I'm going to leave this one to the pros...these amazing papercuts are by Russian Designer Yulia Brodskaya.  totally amazing! 

November 20, 2010

on the boards...

i've got 3 DIY projects in the works right now!  oh my!  stay tuned....

November 18, 2010

create: magnetic paint

 magnetic paint w/ primer and color by home cheap home

out with the old fashioned bulletin board, in with DIY magnet boards.  same effect, customizable look.  rust-oleum makes a magnetic paint and i love the idea of turning an old picture frame, cabinet door, sculpture, breakfast tray or simply a swatch (in any shape!) on the wall into a magnet board.  honorable mention goes to the creative use of the ironing board and magnetic spice rack.  next up, DIY magnets...

create: paint chip card holders

card holders by designverb

made from the behr paint chip cards you can get (free!) from any hardware store.  great for holding business cards or gift cards.  you can find the detailed step by step instructions here.  what a perfect little gift box for those artsy friends of mine!

create: business cards

business card by Junge Schachtel 
(their website carries this theme too - pretty fun!)

i have started reworking my resume and portfolio... of course i am getting caught up in tinkering with all the details, spacing, alignment, color, etc.  my mind has been catapulted into thinking what kind of design would translate well from resume to portfolio to business card to stationary and beyond!  browsed through some super inventive business card designs at cardonizermaps, photographs, letterpress, round, square, green, lots and lots of creative ideas!  even a nail salon that prints their business cards on nail files = smart and useful!  and of course the moleskin version is particularly close to my heart :-)

create: hot cocoa favors

hello fall, cold weather and warm drinks... and party favors!  i've done the mason jar thing before, but these little hot cocoa favors are way less homely and way more affordable.  for the non-chocolate eaters (like yours truly) it would also be cute with dry apple cider mix and a cinnamon stick tied to the outside.

create: christmas stockings

 stockings by rikrak

ok, so maybe it is a little too early for christmas.  i mean, technically it's still october.  but planning early is the only way i can get things done around here.  been toying with the idea of making stockings for me, b & the pup out of muslin or burlap.  in searching around etsy for inspiration, i happen to come across the cutest felt stockings from rikrak - aren't they fun?!  i especially like the advent calendar in white, red and gray.

create: cinder block planter

planter by {Pot-ted}

it must be my lucky day.  i have come across so many great things online in the last 24 hours that my blog is erupting!  couldn't wait to share this DIY planter that i found via the inhabit blog.  i love DIY projects that are easy to construct from off the shelf materials and result in the most creative yet simple things!  plus, i Love (yes, that's love with a capital L) succulents!  and i love project photos that feature pups!  i couldn't get this post up fast enough...

create: metal stamping

 The Seafarer by Very Vintage

At Ease Typewriter by Make Your Dog Smile

Absolutely love these metal stamped pet i.d. tags.  So much better than the boring dog bone shape!  Super cute.

and so it begins...

k. is. a creator.