December 29, 2010

bright idea: map bangle

vintage map bangle by danielle west

recently i've been interested in all the different forms "paper" takes and patterns (see DIY wrapping paper and snowflakes).  maps present interesting patterns on paper and it has got me thinking about different ways to create map-art.  enter the map bangle!  what a cute little DIY project, the step by step instructions can be found here.  the hardest part is deciding what city map to use....

December 27, 2010

i heart etsy - ruffle flower handbag

gray chiffon ruffled handbag by mojopastyle

i just simply adore this!  gray seems to be my favorite color as of late (is b finally rubbing off on me?!) and we all know how i swoon over ruffles!  :-)

December 22, 2010

DIY No. 03 - Paper Snowflake Chandelier

In a spontaneous moment of craftiness, I decided to cut some paper snowflakes (you know, like you did in the third grade).  It was entirely relaxing and, unlike when i was in the third grade, i actually had some control over how the pattern turned out.  String them from a light fixture and you have a sparkling focal point on your holiday table.  Ready to engage in some good old fashioned kid fun?

Let's get started...

What You'll Need:
- paper.  you can use fancy origami paper or just regular old printer paper like I did.
- dental floss (its not like you've used it since your last dentist appointment anyway)
- scissors

Off The Shelf Cost:  eh, a couple bucks
My Cost:  nada!

1.  If you're paper isn't square already, make it so.  You can do this by folding it diagonally so the top edge aligns with the left edge.  Cut off excess paper.
tip:  try using scrapbook paper or origami paper in colors other than white

2.  Continue folding the paper diagonally (graphic how-to can be found here) until it is almost too thick to cut.

3.  Cut some shapes along the folded sides and when you are finished unfold to reveal your dazzling snowflake
tip:  leave some spaces between the cuts so your snowflake will stay in one piece... my little brother learned this the hard way.

4.  String several on a line of dental floss and hang at varying lengths from your chandelier.  Depending on your floss preference, these little snowflakes will smell quite christmasy.
tip:  do not hang from the actual light bulbs on your chandelier - we don't want to burn down the house before santa can go down the chimney.

create: christmas tree



i'm pretty excited about our first christmas tree!  b had a good idea for a color gradient that we just ran with and it all came together in less than two hours (that includes getting the tree up the stairs, through the door and upright in the stand... in the rain).  i made a simple tree skirt out of felt and b suggested that every year we add something to the skirt (as an alternative to doing the typical picture ornament)... first up, a big felt tree to celebrate our first one.  :-)  i love christmas time.

December 14, 2010

coming soon: DIY gift wrap

DIY gift wrap for my Eames-Themed Christmas.  Step by Step still to come...

create: christmas gifts

a few of my christmas gifts.  still in go-mode, but soon my blog will be exploding with DIY updates....

December 9, 2010

profile: moo

moo mini cards for anne ruthman photography

If you don't know about Moo yet, check them out.  I especially like their minicards.  With a different image on every card, you don't have to worry about commitment.  Plus, their paper options are great and you get to print on both sides. They have lots of great ideas for how to use minicards on their site (I think I will tweak Kelly's save-the-date idea for my christmas cards next year!) Coincidentally, there is a page on branding that features Nest Pretty Things - go figure, I just blogged about them earlier today!  small (online) world.

i heart etsy: nest pretty things

Madeleine Necklace by Nest Pretty Things

I confess I found this site ages ago but it is still one of my favorites.  Particularly like the Genevieve necklace....and my birthday is coming up soon, hint. hint.

December 6, 2010

DIY No. 02 - Magnets

I've been toying with the idea of doing this since my earlier post... and when I have "craft" on the brain its hard for me to stop thinking about it until I actually do it!  Getting the images is really the hardest part - q&e from there!

Lets get started...

What You'll Need:  (clockwise from the top left)
- an image (you can print one from your computer or cut photos, magazines, etc.)
- clear glue (E-600 is great for glass and magnets)
- pen
- large glass spheres (in the candles/vases aisle of the craft store.  be sure to look for the large 1" ones)
- scissors
- 3/4" round magnets

Off The Shelf Cost:  $20
My Cost: $11 (darn $6 glue!)

1.  size and print image.  place glass sphere on top of image and trace.  cut out image.
tip:  photo paper or card stock recommended. 

2.  place a pea-sized dab of glue on the image.  press down the glass sphere, eliminating air bubbles.   let dry.
tip: place something heavy (ie edge of a book, etc) on top of the sphere to maintain pressure

3.  place a dab of glue on the magnet at secure to the back of the image.  maintain pressure with something heavy.  let dry.  stick it on the fridge or in a cute tin.
tip:  tins made for gift cards fit 6 magnets nicely - michael's sells them for $1 at the register

4.  wrap it up and give it as a gift
tip:  if you use a tin, the magnets will not slide and rattle around

*thanks to kerry for being my guinea pig on this DIY & congrats to M for popping the question to such a lovely girl.  the "real" magnets are still to come ... i just couldn't bring myself to post spoilers before christmas!  ;-)

December 3, 2010

Fav's - Best DIY Wreaths

Inspired by my last post on my favorite DIY advent calendars, I decided to continue with the theme and do a little round up of my favorite DIY wreaths.  Here we go....

recycled greeting card wreath by good housekeeping

fabric wreath by a beautiful mess

cinnamon wreath by the food network

marshmellow wreath by the food network

feather wreath formally by anthropologie 
(why do they not carry this anymore?!)

 doily wreath by martha stewart 

pinecone wreath by martha stewart
felt wreath by domestifluff

December 2, 2010

Fav's - Best DIY Advent Calendars

In the holiday spirit, here is a little collection of my most favorite DIY advent calendars....

just for kids...
muffin tin with magnetic covers (genius!) by keepsakes by kristi

fun & simple...
 felt stockings by rikrak

oh so adorable....
notes on a spool by just something i made

paper cones by the red thread

 eames era....
retro advent calendar by sweet petunia