December 6, 2010

DIY No. 02 - Magnets

I've been toying with the idea of doing this since my earlier post... and when I have "craft" on the brain its hard for me to stop thinking about it until I actually do it!  Getting the images is really the hardest part - q&e from there!

Lets get started...

What You'll Need:  (clockwise from the top left)
- an image (you can print one from your computer or cut photos, magazines, etc.)
- clear glue (E-600 is great for glass and magnets)
- pen
- large glass spheres (in the candles/vases aisle of the craft store.  be sure to look for the large 1" ones)
- scissors
- 3/4" round magnets

Off The Shelf Cost:  $20
My Cost: $11 (darn $6 glue!)

1.  size and print image.  place glass sphere on top of image and trace.  cut out image.
tip:  photo paper or card stock recommended. 

2.  place a pea-sized dab of glue on the image.  press down the glass sphere, eliminating air bubbles.   let dry.
tip: place something heavy (ie edge of a book, etc) on top of the sphere to maintain pressure

3.  place a dab of glue on the magnet at secure to the back of the image.  maintain pressure with something heavy.  let dry.  stick it on the fridge or in a cute tin.
tip:  tins made for gift cards fit 6 magnets nicely - michael's sells them for $1 at the register

4.  wrap it up and give it as a gift
tip:  if you use a tin, the magnets will not slide and rattle around

*thanks to kerry for being my guinea pig on this DIY & congrats to M for popping the question to such a lovely girl.  the "real" magnets are still to come ... i just couldn't bring myself to post spoilers before christmas!  ;-)

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