December 22, 2010

DIY No. 03 - Paper Snowflake Chandelier

In a spontaneous moment of craftiness, I decided to cut some paper snowflakes (you know, like you did in the third grade).  It was entirely relaxing and, unlike when i was in the third grade, i actually had some control over how the pattern turned out.  String them from a light fixture and you have a sparkling focal point on your holiday table.  Ready to engage in some good old fashioned kid fun?

Let's get started...

What You'll Need:
- paper.  you can use fancy origami paper or just regular old printer paper like I did.
- dental floss (its not like you've used it since your last dentist appointment anyway)
- scissors

Off The Shelf Cost:  eh, a couple bucks
My Cost:  nada!

1.  If you're paper isn't square already, make it so.  You can do this by folding it diagonally so the top edge aligns with the left edge.  Cut off excess paper.
tip:  try using scrapbook paper or origami paper in colors other than white

2.  Continue folding the paper diagonally (graphic how-to can be found here) until it is almost too thick to cut.

3.  Cut some shapes along the folded sides and when you are finished unfold to reveal your dazzling snowflake
tip:  leave some spaces between the cuts so your snowflake will stay in one piece... my little brother learned this the hard way.

4.  String several on a line of dental floss and hang at varying lengths from your chandelier.  Depending on your floss preference, these little snowflakes will smell quite christmasy.
tip:  do not hang from the actual light bulbs on your chandelier - we don't want to burn down the house before santa can go down the chimney.


  1. I love how this turned out! It's so simple and nostalgic, which makes it a success. Way to go!

  2. why thank you my faithful follower!