March 6, 2011

tag team: people towel

tag team!  design merges with creates... its the perfect synergy!

as you may have read over at k:designs, i entered a graphic design competition aimed to promote the use of cloth towels over paper towels.  i entered two variations of this design, one with a predictable brown and red color palette and this one (below) which makes me much more happy.  :-)  finalists are announced on March 14th, wish me luck!

The following is the 500 character description of my design....

"This faux bois pattern is a play on trees used to make paper towels.  This “tree” gets used repeatedly while paper towels are disposed of with every use.  The pattern naturally forms a heart and offers one thoughtful reminder: love your trees.  The simplicity of this message is consistent with the clean graphic style of the wood grain, creating a fresh cohesive look.  Not weighed down by facts and figures, this towel reminds us that being “green” isn’t complicated, it’s simple, clear and fun."

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